200+ medical college students evacuated from Caribbean medical colleges after Hurricane Irma: 6 issues to know

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According to WGN-TV, more than 200 American students attending the medical school at the American University of the Caribbean in St. Maarten have been evacuated in the past three days after Hurricane Irma crossed the islands last week.

Here are six things you should know about evacuation.

1. The university administrators told CBS Chicago Monday that the 5,500 category storm had stranded US students, faculties and staff on St. Maarten. The US military had evacuated around half of these people by Monday evening.

2. According to reports, students took shelter in various buildings on campus during the storm. However, according to CBS New York, supplies quickly ran out and there was no more plumbing work in the days that followed.

3. A freshman medical student at the university told WGN-TV students that they had set up a makeshift hospital to treat about 100 patients injured in the storm.

4. About 30 Canadian students attending university fled to a classroom for almost a week before being evacuated, reports CBC News. Some members of the group have reportedly used social media to criticize the Canadian government’s slow response to the evacuation of prisoners on the island.

5. Due to the damage caused by the hurricane, the administrators informed CBS Chicago that some students will continue their medical studies at the AUC’s Downers Grove sister school at DeVry University, Illinois.

6. Approximately 6,000 Americans were stranded on the island. More than 1,200 people were evacuated on Sunday, according to CBS Chicago.

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