Bauchi Distributes 2,085 Mosquito Nets to Colleges

By Modupe Gbadeyanka

The awareness campaign for menstrual hygiene in women was intensified by Procter & Gamble (P&G).

Poor menstrual hygiene Caused by a lack of education, persistent taboos and stigma, limited access to hygienic menstrual products and poor sanitary infrastructure undermine the educational opportunities, health and general social status of women around the world. This prevents millions of women and girls from reaching their full potential.

According to UNICEF, one of 10 girls miss school for about 48 days a year due to missing Access to sanitary napkins. In Nigeria, over 52 million women and girls menstruate, 70 percent of whom do not have access to sanitary towels.

To reaffirm its commitment to improving menstrual hygiene management in Nigeria, P&G has partnered with the Federal Department of Women, the Nigerian Governor’s Wives Forum, the National Center for Women’s Development as well as other non-profit organizations to educate women on this issue.

This collaboration was to commemorate Menstrual Hygiene Day 2021 and over 8,000 Always® sanitary napkins were donated to their employees.

“At P&G, we recognize the importance of menstrual hygiene management to the general health, wellbeing and education of young girls in our society.

“That’s why P&G and our Always® brands have partnered with leading NGOs and government officials to celebrate World Menstrual Hygiene Day,” said P&G Senior Director for Africa, Global Government Relations & Public Policy, Ms. Temitope Iluyemi.

“We hope this will raise awareness of the important role of good menstrual hygiene management, normalize conversations about menstrual periods, and Menstrual health Part of life and empower women and girls.

“This partnership is in line with several other P&G sustainability programs, such as Always Keeping Girls in School (AKGIS) and our Always School program, which has trained over 1 million girls in puberty education,” she added.

In her remarks, the Minister for Women’s Affairs and Social Development, Ms. Pauline Tallen, stated: “Young girls and women should not have to interrupt their lives because it is this time of the month.

“The importance of having adequate knowledge of good menstrual hygiene practices and access to menstrual hygiene products cannot be overstated.

“Women deserve to live with dignity with their heads held high, and both government and private organizations should work together to ensure that poor menstrual hygiene is a thing of the past.

“Menstrual Hygiene Day is especially important as it brings this conversation to the fore. I would also like to thank P&G for their immense contribution over the years to improving the lives of women across Nigeria. “

Ms. Bisi Fayemi, the head of the Forum of Nigerian Governors Governor, said: “Thank you very much to the P&G team for this partnership with NGWA GBV.

“I am very happy that P&G has decided to work with us as a collective. At the Nigerian Governor’s Wives Forum, this is a project that we are all passionate about.

“We discovered a strong link between period poverty and the problem of sexual exploitation of teenage girls. So we felt that this needs to be addressed both politically and through community engagement.

“On a political level, we are shocked that Nigeria as a country still does not consider it important that every girl has access to sanitary protection.

“We believe that Nigeria should be way ahead of the discussion about whether or not to tax toiletries. We believe that there should be no taxes Menstrual hygiene products, We believe that state governments should try as hard as possible to allocate resources so that we can bridge this poverty gap during this time.

“With the support of Procter & Gamble we were able to celebrate Menstrual Hygiene Day in a special way and hope that this is the beginning of a very good partnership between the NGWF and P&G.”

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