Bay Space educators react to Newsom’s colleges announcement

Schools could reopen at the end of the month, but not everyone is excited about the plan.

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– – Governor Newsom wants California schools to reopen for face-to-face learning by April 1. There are $ 2 billion in incentives for districts that endorse this idea. An additional $ 4.6 billion will be allocated to fund summer school and learning loss programs. ABC 7 news reporter Lyanne Melendez is in the newsroom explaining what this would mean for districts, Lyanne, that are still negotiating with their unions. This is difficult.

LYANNE MELENDEZ: Well, like in San Francisco. OK. In the case of San Francisco Unified, this means that even with this incentive, they cannot and will not reopen schools until April 1st. So the superintendent said while they are approaching each day they cannot change their schedule unions.

GAVIN NEWSOM: We want the schools to reopen safely, period, period. I’ve been saying this for months.

LYANNE MELENDEZ: The headline after today’s press conference could be that vaccination of teachers and staff is not a prerequisite for returning to personal learning. Governor Gavin Newsom made it clear. Just follow the science.

GAVIN NEWSOM: That’s not my opinion. That is the opinion of the CDC, Dr. Fauci, the opinions of educators and experts around the world, including that of President Joe Biden.

LYANNE MELENDEZ: Still, the governor has promised to give additional vaccines exclusively to teachers and staff at two FEMA locations in northern and southern California this Thursday and Friday. The plan calls for school districts that reopen by April 1 to receive a share of the $ 2 billion promised by the governor and lawmakers. Districts lose 1% of that money for every day they stay on distance learning.

– – I think financial incentives are always a good thing. Right. Our schools need money.

LYANNE MELENDEZ: A large district like San Francisco has a budget deficit of $ 169 million over the next two years. The plan provides that districts in the purple level can reopen the TK classes in second place. Those in the red grade would resume classroom learning in all elementary schools and at least one middle or high school class.

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Still, San Francisco Unified has reached an agreement with its unions that all members would have to be vaccinated if they stayed in the red row. And both sides have yet to agree on how many personal days would be required.

How is this resolved in a timely manner? It will not. San Francisco Unified said their timeline cannot be changed. “There are still many steps we need to take to get there, and many of them cannot be accelerated even with financial incentives.”

Disappointing for Governor Newsom, who said that after weeks of negotiating with all parties, most students would study in person for a full two months.

GAVIN NEWSOM: I am sure you will find some people who will have strong opinions. The bottom line, however, is that we have created a framework that we believe is consensus.

LYANNE MELENDEZ: And before I forget, this Northern California vaccination site for all of these teachers is the RingCentral Oakland Coliseum.

In the meantime, the governor wants to set aside $ 4.6 billion for the learning loss that has occurred. It’s a real thing. Regardless of whether they add a month to the summer or extend the day of study, the state will put money into these programs.

In the newsroom Lyanne Melendez, ABC 7 News.

– – Well, Lyanne, let’s talk a little bit about the timeline …


– – – San Francisco references. Give a little thought to what that means exactly.

LYANNE MELENDEZ: Yes. Well, Dan, the timeline has in part to do with the vaccine. Right. Suppose I am a teacher. I’ll get the vaccine on Friday. I then get the Moderna or Pfizer. I have to wait three or four weeks before I get the second shot. That doesn’t give the teachers – that doesn’t give me a lot of time. In the meantime, the district and the unions are still debating what the school day will be.