Caribbean Airways launches service between Barbados and Dominica

As part of its expansion into the Eastern Caribbean, Caribbean Airlines started air traffic between Barbados and Dominica on September 20.

The flights will initially be operated twice a week on Saturday and Sunday and will be increased to four times a week by mid-October.

Garvin Medera, CEO of Caribbean Airlines, commented on the start of the new route: “Our growth in the Eastern Caribbean continues with the launch of the service between Barbados and Dominica. Caribbean Airlines fulfills our mandate to make regional travel easier and more convenient. This network expansion works in parallel with our strategic interline agreements to enable seamless connections from international destinations via Barbados to St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Antigua, Kingston, Jamaica and now Dominica. ”

Dominica is known as the natural island of the Caribbean and offers everything from waterfalls to mud ponds to a range of exotic animals in its landscape. The country attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors annually. Over 71,000 people live in Dominica. 20,000 people live in Roseau, the capital, and Portsmouth, the second largest city. Dominica is an inclusive island with a rich cultural mix and a vibrant mix of European and African influences.