Caribbean Enterprise – Normal Worldwide Group Advises on $193M in Financing for St. Maarten’s Princess Juliana Worldwide Airport Terminal Reconstruction

News America, New York, NY, Mon. November 30, 2020: Standard International Group, a leading New York City-based financial advisory firm focused on the revitalization of critical infrastructure projects in the United States, the Caribbean and West Africa, announced the completion of $ 193 million to finance Princess Juliana International Airport in St. Maarten known (PJIAE) terminal reconstruction. André Wright, Executive Vice President of Standard International Group, announced this.

On behalf of St. Maarten International Airport and Princess Juliana, Mr. Wright advised on the European Investment Bank (EIB) loan of USD 50 million and the World Bank grant of USD 50 million for a total of USD 100 million in investment capital Combined with $ 22M from the St. Maarten government in the form of liquidity support. Mr. Wright also ensured the project received a maximum insurance claim payout of $ 71 million by introducing Willis Towers Watson as the insurance advisory service provider.
Princess Juliana International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the northeast of the Caribbean and serves St. Maarten, St. Martin, Saba, St. Eustatius, Anguilla and St. Barthélemy. It is the engine of St Maarten’s economy, serving over 1.8 million passengers and employing over 1,000 residents each year.
After the destruction by Hurricane Irma, the international airport Princess Juliana had to be massively renovated and rebuilt. The Standard International Group advised on everything from creating the financial models to structuring the financial plan, to working with the current bondholders and advising the rating agencies with a vision of success and prosperity for this important project. The new airport design offers security improvements and is expected to outperform previous performance. Reconstruction of the terminal is scheduled to begin in 2021.
For over 20 years, Standard International Group has worked with St. Maarten leadership to develop transformative solutions that improve bottom line and the local economy. During this period, Standard International Group provided financial advice for a variety of infrastructure improvements including the original Princess Juliana International Airport transaction (2004), multiple financial advice and fundraising for the St. Maarten Electricity Company’s (GEBE) cruise port facilities, shopping and real estate development, and other projects. With a long history of working with government leaders and multiple investment teams, Standard International Group has successfully completed these projects and ensured positive results for all parties involved.
“Investing in better infrastructure, solutions to climate change and the well-being of local communities are top priorities in the Caribbean, but are often a difficult process,” Wright said. “The Standard International Group specializes in securing the financing of complex infrastructure projects and creates win-win situations for investors and communities.”
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The Standard International Group is an independent financial advisory boutique that values ​​service and innovation. Standard International Group, founded in 1996 by André Wright, focuses on the revitalization of critical infrastructure projects in the USA, the Caribbean and West Africa. Mr. Wright brings a decade of Wall Street experience and over 30 years of financial advisory and investment banking experience to some of the most pressing infrastructure challenges in these regions. The Standard International Group operates where others cannot or do not want to go. The company’s financial advice is based on extensive financial and credit analysis, local knowledge and industry expertise with an emphasis on creating transformative solutions and successful outcomes. The Standard International Group creates and shares opportunities with global investors, delivers debt and equity to state and local governments and corporations, while emphasizing the importance of positive results at the local level. You can find more information at