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January 17, 2021

The Caribbean is often where retirees want to move around in order to get a slower pace of life and escape long winters.

For others, moving to a tropical island is a reward for a life of hard work and an opportunity to “live the dream.”

A new trend is emerging in the Cayman Islands, however: The British Overseas Territory is a 70-minute flight from Miami, Florida.

The team from Provenance Properties – the official subsidiary of Christie’s International Real Estate in the Cayman Islands – claims to be supporting a growing number of families with young children who are moving to Grand Cayman in order to “have adventure, a better quality of life and the opportunity to participate” a multicultural community of more than 135 nationalities who enjoy the common culture of the ‘Caymankind’. “

“Our parenting customers want a safe community where they can raise their children and live in a place that provides abundant natural environments for healthy lifestyles and recreational activities,” said Sue Nickason, VP Marketing and Sales, Provenance Properties Caribbean Journal Invest. “They value high-quality educational and health facilities, a selection of districts with high-quality houses and a lifestyle that enables a real balance between work and private life. This is what the Cayman Islands offer and much more. “

There are a number of reasons this cosmopolitan archipelago attracts families, the company says.

Kids play in Camana Bay, the mixed-use community that’s one of Cayman’s top entertainment centers.

For parents, the economic aspect of living in a tax-neutral jurisdiction (no corporate, income, capital gains, or inheritance taxes) is just as attractive as the lack of restrictions on foreign ownership of property and the lack of property taxes.

Beyond those considerations, the standard of living for families is, and in that regard, Cayman’s offerings are “world class,” Provenance says.

Here are 10 of the top reasons families choose to move to the Cayman Islands.


With one of the lowest crime rates in the Caribbean and perhaps the world, the Cayman Islands are a place where kids can play safely outdoors and families worry little about personal safety. There is a strong sense of community “where neighbors look out for each other and families often come together for social events”.


The Cayman Islands are known for their excellent schools that offer both British and American curricula. Students regularly meet or exceed international levels on standardized tests and enroll in top schools in Canada, the US and the UK. Education is free for Cayman Islands citizens, while residents must send their children to private schools. The fees at these facilities are competitive with the tuition at private day schools in Canada and the United States, and the facilities are top notch.

The Cayman International School.


Over 1,000 health professionals care for the population of the Cayman Islands with around 65,000 residents, and there are 4.5 doctors for every 1,000 residents. This gives reassurance to those who are sometimes reluctant to provide medical services in the Caribbean.

Grand Cayman has three hospitals with plans to develop a fourth hospital, announced in December 2020, and over 200 registered health facilities bringing medical expertise from around the world to deliver quality health care to the Cayman Islands people Offer.

Child and maternity services are highly valued in Cayman, and there are great providers in dentistry, optometry, psychology, nutrition, and more.


Around 300 days of sunshine a year and warm weather all year round mean plenty of time to play outdoors and learn new sports. Popular after-school activities are offered in quality facilities and include soccer, rugby, tennis, swimming, sailing, horse riding, golfing and, for older children, diving. Indoor facilities include a hockey rink (the game is played on inline skates), gymnastics center, and basketball. It is common for children to participate in a range of sports and to be busy after school.

The North Sound Golf Club.

Arts and Culture

Children will also find a number of wonderful arts and culture programs in the Cayman Islands. Dance, music classes, and performing arts facilities are abundant, as are visual arts classes at facilities like the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands. The Cayman National Cultural Foundation offers a summer program for young people and a short film competition for young image makers. Children can also take part in Junior Batabano, a family-friendly street carnival for Cayman’s youth.

The new OLEA shared apartment in Camana Bay.

Standard of living

The Cayman Islands are known for having one of the highest standards of living in the world. Modern infrastructure, well-stocked grocery stores, reliable suppliers and means of communication as well as high-quality residential real estate contribute to making life on the islands easier. While traffic has increased in recent years due to the growth it is currently seeing, it still does not compare with the congestion in urban and suburban life in other parts of the world.

Just for fun

Cayman is very social and it’s easy to make new friends and get involved in the community. Spend the weekends on the beach, take a boat trip on the North Sound, visit Camana Bay to splash in the water fountains or watch a movie in the cinema, and enjoy cozy and lavish Sunday brunch in local restaurants and hotels.

CamanaCamana Bay.

There are many ways to volunteer – many residents love to help out with the Humane Society or take a community fundraising walk.

Families also enjoy taking scenic drives in the quiet East End neighborhood. They also often visit the farmers’ market to buy local products, explore the crystal caves, or take walks in the botanical gardens. On the way east, you can go horse riding on the beach, say you’ve been to Hell, and visit the Turtle Center to get up close and personal with these serene animals before cooling off in the lagoon pool with a waterslide.


Four-legged friends are an important part of the family and welcome too. The Cayman Islands are rabies-free, so pets must have up-to-date vaccinations. Pets on a leash are welcome on beach walks, and it is possible to find quality long-term rentals that will accept pets.

Ease of access

When families move abroad, facilitating access for friends and relatives is an important consideration. With more than 55 non-stop flights * per week all year round, a modern airport, and a fixed line operator (FBO) for those who opt for a private charter, Cayman is one of the easiest places to get to in the Caribbean from Canada and the USA. A non-stop flight to London Heathrow provides added convenience for travel to Europe, and regional flights to the Bahamas, Cuba, Jamaica and Honduras offer local island hopping opportunities.

Cayman child

Aside from its obvious characteristics, the “Cayman Child” culture is perhaps the most important reason families are drawn to Cayman Islands. It’s a place where new residents are warmly welcomed and there is a strong sense of community.

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* The Cayman Islands borders are currently closed to tourists due to COVID-19. Therefore, regularly scheduled commercial flights are currently not available. Citizens and residents with residence status can enter the country provided they are quarantined for 14 days in a government-approved facility upon arrival.

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