Caribbean medical college students begin lessons in Knoxville

After a hurricane destroyed their campus on Dominica Island, the students temporarily move to Knoxville to continue their education.

More than 1,000 medical students who started their classes in the Caribbean will complete the school year in Knoxville.

In September, Hurricane Maria destroyed the campus of the School of Medicine at Ross University in Dominica. They resumed classes on a cruise ship that docked off St. Kitts, but needed a more permanent temporary home.

The school has an agreement with Lincoln Memorial University to relocate to LMU facilities in West Knoxville.

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The 1,400 students started class on Monday.

Officials from Knoxville and LMU held a welcoming ceremony for the students and faculty on Tuesday.

“We’re really excited to come here. It’s a lot more than we hoped for just four months after the hurricane destroyed our campus. It’s a tremendous opportunity that we’re very grateful for,” said RUSM student Micah Renicker.

School officials aren’t sure when they can return to their Caribbean campus.