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At least 6 dead in 133 cars in Fort Worth, Texas

At least six people were killed and 65 more were hospitalized in a massive wreck on I-35 in Forth Worth, Texas early Thursday. Three of the people in the hospital are in critical condition, reports the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. A total of 133 cars, trucks, delivery vans and 18-wheelers collided in icy weather on the expressway. “The scene we saw today is really different from one that probably any of us have ever seen and one that we pray to God that we will never see again,” said Neil Noakes, Fort Worth police chief . First responders had to use hydraulic tools to remove some people from their vehicles, and as they worked their way through the rubble, medics tagged the vehicles they were looking for to avoid duplicate efforts as they rushed to get people out of the temperatures below to get out of freezing point. “I looked in my rearview mirror and it was like watching the hand of God move those cars in the ice around me,” a driver named Shane, who stopped just before the pile, told the star telegram. As he got out of his car on the freeway, he added, “It was literally like stepping on an ice rink.” There were other fatal accidents in Texas when an icy storm created icy conditions from Texas to southern New Jersey. In Austin, five people from a 26-car heap were rushed to the hospital in Austin, according to USA Today, and three people were killed in two accidents in Dallas late Wednesday and Thursday, one of which involved 18 vehicles. The storm also cut power along the 1,500 mile stretch, and 66,000 customers in Texas, 41,000 in Kentucky and 31,000 in West Virginia were still without power as of late Thursday, USA Today says. More Stories From Impeachment Is Not What Will Do Trump The Most Harmful 5 Brutally Hilarious Cartoons About The Twisted Republican Impeachment LogicThe most important person in the impeachment process is missing. It’s not Trump.