CNW90: Superintendent of Broward Colleges, Robert Runcie Arrested for perjury

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Broward Schools superintendent Robert Runcie, Robert Runcie, arrested for perjury, Michael Sharpe’s cause of death revealed, and Yvette Clarke demanding temporary protection status for St. Vincent nationals.

Now for the news in detail,

Broward County Public Schools superintendent Robert Runcie was officially arrested Wednesday morning for perjury. The 59-year-old superintendent from Jamaica was taken into custody by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. He has since been released from Broward County Main Prison. According to his indictment, Runcie lied under oath to a state grand jury investigating school safety laws and mismanagement of funds. Following his arrest, Runcie’s attorneys released a statement saying that he remains transparent to school authorities, parents and the public when he receives new information. The lawyers are confident that he will be exonerated.

Now for Caribbean News,

In Jamaica

Jamaica’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Jacquiline Bisasor-Mckenzie, announced that veteran journalist Michael Sharpe has died after testing positive for COVID-19 and not from taking the AstraZeneca vaccine. Michael Sharpe died on April 20 at the age of 65. Dr. Bisasor McKenzie says Mr Sharpe’s medical report suggests he had symptoms of COVID-19 that later worsened. After his death, rumors surfaced on social media that Sharpe died as a result of taking his first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine on March 14th. Health Minister Dr. Christopher Tufton has urged Jamaicans not to divulge false information about the vaccines. He has also condemned verbal attacks on healthcare workers who worked to vaccinate residents.

And in St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Jamaican-American US Congressman Yvette Clarke has called on Joe Biden’s administration to grant Temporary Protection Status (TPS) to St. Vincent nationals who need to be evacuated from the red zone where La Soufrière volcano erupted grant. Around 20,000 people have had to be relocated since the eruptions began on April 9. Clarke said she wrote to the Department of Homeland Security asking them to give the evacuees temporary protection status. She said many St. Vincent nationals have direct ties with the United States. According to Clarke, the US must comply with international legal obligations and allow all migrants access to the asylum system.

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