Grenada to open colleges with new format ~ WIC Information

ST GEORGE’S, Grenada – Students attending public schools in Grenada are taking courses in the format established before Ministries of Education and Health and following a physical distancing protocol to assess the extent of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID- 19) contain and control.

“There is currently no evidence of the spread of COVID in the community in Grenada. We also have no clusters investigated. Under the current circumstances, the Ministry of Health recommends that schools be fully reopened,” said Dr. Shawn Charles, Acting Chief Medical Officer, during Tuesday’s weekly debriefing.

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“We recognize that schools play a very important role in the development of children. The longer schools are closed, the greater the risk of a reversal of the educational gains achieved and of course you limit the children’s development in terms of education and other things, ”said Charles, flanked by members of the National COVID-19 Response Committee.

“We know that the longer schools are closed, the greater the risk for our children. There will be more expensive failure rates, some kids will just fall off the radar. We know that children left unsupervised at home are vulnerable and at increased risk of injury and exploitation, ”he added.

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In the immediate aftermath of COVID-19, the Ministry of Education introduced a combined learning method in which students were taught using an e-learning program and short face-to-face courses. For face-to-face sessions, schools had to adhere to ten feet of distancing measures, which resulted in students receiving two or three sessions a week.

Dr. Charles said that escorting the school in the usual way gives students the opportunity to access new childcare services that will increase their progress, and that online companion classes do not offer such an opportunity.