Is it a good suggestion to go to medical faculty within the Caribbean?

If you are an aspiring doctor, you must be on the lookout for a great medical school. The right medical school and curriculum can help you prepare for successful medical practice. It can also teach you the relevant soft skills and ethical integrity to be a good doctor.

There are dozens of good medical universities and colleges in industrialized nations like the USA or Canada. However, it can prove to be quite costly to attend medical school there. A good alternative can be to look for cheaper options without sacrificing the quality of education.

There are many good medical colleges in the Caribbean that offer a wide range of MD programs and specializations. Also, the MD programs at the best Caribbean medical schools have smaller class sizes that allow for more meaningful interaction between students and the faculty.

Read on to learn how useful it can be to attend medical school in the Caribbean.

  1. You can participate in clinical rotations in the United States: Depending on the medical school, most medical schools in the Caribbean may have existing agreements and partnerships with leading hospitals and health care facilities in the United States and Canada. This can allow universities to send their students overseas to the US or Canada for their clinical rotations. Clinical rotations in an American hospital can give you excellent exposure to the country’s healthcare system.
  2. You can practice medicine in a developed country: Most Caribbean medical schools receive approval and accreditation from state or national medical bodies in the United States or Canada. This recognition enables legal practice in the USA. Medical board accreditations also allow you to take medical licensing exams in the United States such as the USMLE.
  3. Your tuition fees can be significantly lower when compared to medical schools in the US or Canada: Medical tuition fees can cost a bomb in countries like the US or Canada. This can make it difficult for you to advance your medical career if you come from a humble background. Most medical schools in the Caribbean, on the other hand, charge 10% to 20% less tuition than American or Canadian universities without sacrificing the quality of education.
  4. You get access to a comprehensive curriculum with international standards: Medical universities in the Caribbean tend to follow similar curricula as American or Canadian universities. They also receive accreditation from global medical institutions. This means you can be assured of the completeness of the curriculum and quality of education at a Caribbean medical university
  5. You can interact with students of different backgrounds and nationalities: Because of the high standard of living, stable government and immense natural beauty, the Caribbean islands attract students from all over the world. Hence, you can meet and interact with people from different countries and ethnic backgrounds. This can further improve your social presence and networking skills

An MD qualification from a good Caribbean medical school can set the right tone for the rest of your medical career. Hence, it is important that you choose a well-accredited and reputable medical school. Check out good Caribbean medical schools that suit your interests and aspirations.

Last change: January 29, 2021

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