Jeffrey Toobin Finds Him In Uncommon Membership With Former Caribbean Consul Basic

Jeffrey Toobin made headlines around the world for his zoom masturbation debacle. (Photo by Paul Marotta / Getty Images)

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY Mon October 19, 2020: CNN legal analyst and New York reporter Jeffrey Toobin’s zoom masturbation debacle, which made headlines around the world last night, put him in the rare league of a former consul general of the Caribbean.

While Toobin, who was trending on Twitter last night and was only joking, was only suspended from his New York job and retired from his CNN appearance, Haiti’s consul in the Bahamas, Karl-Henry Châtelier, was not so lucky.

He was fired last month for the same actions. Châtelier was fired after a video surfaced on social media on September 28 of allegedly masturbating, the Haitian Times reported. In the video, a naked man in front of the camera brings his genitals into focus and masturbates.

“I inform you that it has been decided to end your functions as First Secretary, Head of Consular Services at the Haitian Embassy in the Bahamas,” said Haiti’s Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe and Foreign Minister Claude Joseph in a letter to Châtelier.

In the COVId-19 pandemic, zoom sex ups are now becoming a thing. A government official in the Philippines was caught having sex with his secretary during a virtual council meeting on Aug. 26. He was ousted for misconduct.

Captain Jesus Estil of Fatima Dos Parish Council in Cavite Province didn’t seem to know that his camera was on. The video of the plot, which went viral, showed the duo having sex in a far corner of the room while the meeting was on. After he finished, Estil returned to the meeting, but it was too late!

And in Brazil – also in August – an employee was caught red-handed after forgetting to turn off his camera during a virtual city council meeting in Rio de Janeiro.

The committee meeting dealt with the rights of children and young people and was organized by the city council of the city of Rio de Janeiro in the southeastern Brazilian state of the same name. The employee was sitting naked on a bed with a woman next to him. The couple perked up and didn’t know at all that the colleagues were watching the call in horror.