Kelly Ripa, Mark Consuelos and Their Youngsters are Quarantining within the Caribbean

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos were on the longest family vacation ever! ET can confirm that the couple was quarantined with their children in the Caribbean after taking a spring break just outside the shelter.

Ripa spoke about the family’s decision to remain in custody during a virtual town hall meeting with ABC staff on Thursday.

“We had planned a trip for our family, and of course it should be our whole family,” Ripa said during the meeting, according to People. “And we get there and three days later the whole world has really changed. I mean, everything has been closed; the government has been closed; our country has been closed. I hate using the word stuck, but it was us. We decided to stay there. ” we were.”

Ripa confirmed that their three children Michael (22), Lola (18) and Joaquin (17) were with them at the time. She added that at the time her parents and Consuelos’ parents were ready to join them.

“Luckily we had our three children,” she said. “And then, you know, it should be a two week trip and we’d be right back to work. Ryan [Seacrest] and I both decided that doing the show was better because we just felt like we were in everything that was going on in the world, maybe a normality of just doing what we normally do, even though it’s under a lot unusual circumstances. would be best for us. “”

Ripa, who hosted Live With Kelly and Ryan from their vacation home, shared what it was like for the family to be away from loved ones and home during these difficult times.

“I was very grateful to have at least my adult children with me. I mean, we have a family in our house and they are still home and we are here and it’s very worrying,” Ripa said. “I think people are everywhere, everywhere, across the country and around the world. I think it was a great benefit for us to have each other, to have our audience and to only hear Brian Chapman’s voice in my ear – – our director – first thing in the morning. It just normalizes everything as abnormal as it is. “

Ripa and Consuelos celebrated their son Michael’s virtual graduation from New York University this week. In his post, the Riverdale actor alluded to the family’s stay in the Caribbean.

“# Happy virtual graduation MJC. We are so proud of you. # Quarentinegraduation2020”, Consuelos signed a photo with Ripa and her eldest son. “We know it’s not what we all expected, but we are so grateful that we are all together, which in my opinion must be the longest family trip ever …”

Ripa also shared some throwback photos of her firstborn on Instagram to mark the occasion, saying, “And that’s exactly how you graduated from college. MJC, the joy and pride you’ve brought our family is beyond description. I love you dearly Hearts ♥ ️💜 ♥ ️💜 ♥ ♥ ♥ ️ #NYU # 2020. ”

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