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Jamaican comedian Oliver Samuels.

The Bronx-based Deh Abroad Corporation and Pure Jamaica, Inc. held a celebration on Wednesday evening to mark the 50th birthday of the renowned Caribbean “King of Comedy,” Oliver Samuels.

Samuels is a Jamaica-born comedian and actor who has performed both stand-up and comic theater around the world.

His brand name is synonymous with Jamaica and Laughter, and he is widely considered to be one of the funniest talents to come out of the Caribbean.

Ruth Ho-Shing; Oliver Samuels and Dennis Titus in the family game “Guilt Trip”. Mykonic productions

Samuels – who has made outstanding contributions to the arts and culture of Jamaica and the Caribbean for 50 years and has received numerous awards and accolades over the years – was awarded a quote from the Office of the Mayor of New York City and a proclamation from. excellent the Prime Minister of Jamaica.

This event was broadcast to more than 200,000 registered platform users worldwide on the Pure Jamaica Social Media Platform and the Caribbean One TV App.

“Deh Abroad and Pure Jamaica are proud to sponsor this landmark event,” said Dominic Christopher of Deh Abroad Corporation. “The ethnic diversity and the expected high number of visitors to this event offer a tremendous marketing and social opportunity and will push Jamaican culture to even greater heights.”

  1. J. Peart hosted the evening negotiations. Popular artists from the Art and Culture Brotherhood joined Peart: Ity & Fancy Cat; Glen “Titus” Campbell, OD; Christopher “Johnny” Daley; Fae Ellington CD; Deon Silvera; Audrey Reid; Johnson Aviary, OD; Rosemary murray; Joan Andrea Hutchinson; Owen “Blakka” Ellis; Ann-Marie Fuller; Michael “Stringbean” Nicholson; Andrew “Braata” Clarke; Wally British; Marcia “Joy” Brown; Letna Allen Rowe, OD; and Kevin “Patrick” Sinclair.

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