Regardless of COVID-19, Canadians Present 7.eight Million Meals and Extra within the Caribbean and Latin America

Jamaica COVID-19 response

A young girl in Jamaica holds a bag of supplies donated by generous donors from Food For The Poor.

Martin elementary and infant school

Martin completed elementary school and infant school in Jamaica.

TORONTO, Dec. 22, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Food For The Poor Canada (FFPC) took swift action in early 2020 to address the impact of COVID-19 in vulnerable Latin American and Caribbean communities. While Canadians experienced lockdowns and loneliness, they continued to be generous to families in other countries that were harder hit. FFPC has shipped a record 23 containers of food and medical supplies and has advanced projects in underserved communities in Jamaica, Honduras, Haiti, Bahamas and Guyana.

7.8 million meals reached children in orphanages and schools, hospital patients, prisoners, the elderly, people with disabilities and families who had lost all sources of income. Canadian farmers donated their surplus food to be processed into a dry soup mix by FFPC partners, the Gleaners. The funds donated were used to purchase ten 40-foot containers of rice and beans.

Local clinics and hospitals in Haiti, Jamaica, Guyana and Honduras received medicines, masks, hand sanitisers and face shields to protect staff and patients. A recipient clinician says: “In this time when the whole world is affected by COVID-19, the selfless, caring, and compassionate effort to help others is remarkable.”

Delays and safeguards have not prevented critical projects from moving forward. Ten houses were completed in Derac, Haiti, just in time for Christmas. An Ontario high school built a house in Jamaica for a disabled senior citizen. This was the last voluntary construction before the pandemic. Also in Jamaica, the Martin Primary & Infant School was rebuilt after a fire thanks to the FFPC donor Helping Hands Jamaica Foundation. A second early childhood school opened in Portland and a resource center with a computer room and library was completed in Portmore. In Baramita, Guyana, where many people have limited access to food, education and safe housing, the remote village has a new community center thanks to a group of dedicated Canadian donors. Programs to combat gender-based violence began in the first few weeks after graduation.

“Since much of Canada is closed this Christmas week to protect us and our neighbors, we are so grateful that you help protect and care for others even in the most difficult times. Your gifts make a real difference for families who can better endure this pandemic thanks to you, ”said Samantha Mahfood, FFPC Executive Director.

2021 will start with hope as FFPC and its donors build a new agricultural school in Honduras and continue to support families with food. Visit to help those in need in the Caribbean and Latin America this Christmas

Food for the poor Canada empowers communities in Latin America and the Caribbean through five program areas: food, housing, education, health and income projects. FFPC responds to urgent needs in building a community and social infrastructure. FFPC leverages pre-existing infrastructure from local affiliated organizations to better maintain and grow the communities they serve, and effectively respond to emergencies and natural disasters when they occur. Over the past 12 years, FFPC and its Canadian donors have built 142 homes and 34 schools, and shipped and distributed $ 40,000,000 in food, education, and medical supplies to communities across the region.

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