Using Cloud Storage Websites To Help Boost Medical Web Page Authority

Using Cloud Storage Websites To Help Boost Medical Web Page Authority

The use of cloud storage websites to help build power and trust to any Medical practice or medical related webpage is a common practice for many professional online marketers, but seldom thought about by businesses in the medical field.  Of course, this makes sense as the majority of medical practices/businesses are not experts in online marketing.  So, most of the time, even having about this do not even exist even though maybe they should.

Build It And They Will Come

For many medical professionals, this phrase taken from the highly popular movie in the late 80’s, Field of Dreams, is a reality.  This happens very fast for many Physicians as word travels fast in most communities.  But, the field of medicine has indeed gotten more competitive and for some this means waiting rooms and appointment calendars not 100% filled.  It is in these cases where having someone like a practice manager or marketing consultant that looks over this part of the business can be very handy.

Benefits Of Using Cloud Storage Webpages

The huge benefit of using cloud storage websites is that they come already with a huge amount of power because of where the largest cloud storage webpages are hosted.  Three of the most popular places for hosting these sites are Google Cloud Storage, Amazon S3 Storage and Microsoft Azure. As you can probably surmise, having your website associated (having backlinks) from these huge and powerful online giants is a good thing to consider moving forward.

Disadvantages of Cloud Storage Webpages

Cloud storage sites are build using HTML.  HTML is a very popular type of code that is the basis for many websites and while it is fairly easy to use, it is harder to make webpages look beautiful and appealing especially with the very professional appearance that most medical practices are looking for.  It is for this reason, that most professional websites are NOT hosted on these platforms.

How To Use Cloud Storage Webpages For Maximum Benefits

So now that you know the advantages and disadvantages of Cloud Storage Webpages, the real question is how to use these powerful platforms to help get your medical practice and your online presence.  The answer is pretty simple.  Use these platforms to pass power to your medical website by linking FROM the cloud storage webpage directly to your practice website or to what is called a tier 1 property that will then link to your website.  Some easy things for you to think about here is to use these sites to link to a Twitter moment or to a Google My Business Post or even to a Google Site.  Used in this manner, the Cloud Storage Webpages are considered to be “tier 2” links.  This means that they DO NOT link directly to your medical website.  This is indeed a smart approach and in our opinion a great way to use these webpages.

Examples Of Cloud Storage Webpages

Using cloud storage webpages in the quickest and most most efficient manner can be seen on these powerful but VERY ugly webpages

Otolaryngology Page On Google Cloud Storage

Otorhinolaryngology Page on Microsoft Azure

Ear Nose and Throat Doctor Tier 2 on Amazon S3