Why Flashcards might be crucial to your MCAT prep : South Florida Caribbean Information

Flashcards have been around for a while, and for good reason. They are a very versatile and effective learning tool. Instead of just using them for simple, simple facts, they can also be used for more complex studies and processes. In this article, we’re going to look at what index cards are and why they can be so big Help for your MCAT to prepare.

What are flashcards?

Flashcards are a very popular learning tool that is used in several academic levels. It’s just a piece of card with a clue or clue on the front and an answer on the back of the card. The clue can be an image, question, word, or phrase that triggers or prompts an answer.

Any type of question-and-answer study can be converted into flashcards. The subjects you can study with flashcards include foreign language vocabulary, historical data, definitions, countries, etc.

Flashcards are extremely effective in improving memory as they are very quick and digestible. It’s a great memorization tool, especially now that young people have fewer attention spans. Flashcards are known to help kids learn the basics; However, they can be used to study for exams such as the MCAT for advanced subjects.

Self-tests can be more fun and interactive when using flashcards. It is better to have to learn and memorize very long walls of printed text.

Are index cards still relevant today?

One of the main arguments against flash cards is that they are too archaic these days. That doesn’t make studying so interesting for young people in today’s age of mobile electronics.

But there are also flashcards in the digital age. Technologies like phones and computers are not just a distraction, they can also be used for very interesting educational methods.

This is where online flash cards come in. It’s a relatively new medium that takes the flexibility of online technology and combines it with the interactivity and versatility of flash cards. You can now use your mobile phones and tablets with the help of index card apps to study various topics in a more convenient and fun way.

Best Time to Start Using MCAT Flash Cards

If you want to increase your chances of passing the MCAT, study as early as possible. It is highly recommended that you start using flash cards or flash card apps in your first year of study to study for your MCAT. This ensures that not all of the subjects you learn are forgotten right after the final exam.

Starting as early as possible will help you remember and keep the information longer than starting later. This is because when the MCAT is only a few months, weeks, or days away, much of what you’ve learned is still on your mind.

Many students do not remember what they learned long after they graduate. This can adversely affect their performance as the MCAT approaches. The sooner you learn to memorize and understand your subjects, the better you will do in the MCAT.

Buy or create your own MCAT index cards

If you are interested in using flash cards to study for your MCAT, you may be wondering how to get them. You can either buy the MCAT flashcards or create them yourself.

If you want to buy them, the Association of American Medical Colleges (AMMC) various index cards available for sale in their online shop. It will cost you $ 10 for a deck of cards that contains 150 science questions.

Lots of people could just buy the deck without digging too deeply since it’s an official AAMC MCAT prep product. However, spending $ 10 on just 150 science questions is a pretty terrible thing. For $ 30, you can buy the Next Step MCAT QBook, which contains around 2,000 science questions. The AAMC MCAT Flashcards, although they are an official preparation product, are very inconspicuous. We strongly advise you not to buy them.

Instead, you can create your own MCAT flashcards. Don’t worry, you don’t have to write down hundreds of questions and print them out on paper. With the power of modern technology, you can use flashcard apps to create your own high quality MCAT flashcards for study. The vast majority of students choose this method instead of buying pre-made flash cards at exorbitant prices. By making your own MCAT flashcards, you can learn all of the material much more effectively.

Paper vs. MCAT digital index cards

Paper vs. MCAT digital flashcards, which is better? It depends on your needs and your approach. If you prefer to study on paper because you like the old school learning style, paper MCAT flashcards might be for you. However, you will most likely need to purchase them.

On the other hand, you have MCAT digital flash cards. These come in the form of apps that you can buy, but some of them are free. They contain numerous pre-made flashcards that you can conveniently study from your phone anywhere, anytime. In addition, these apps allow you to easily customize different decks to suit your learning needs.

When we need to recommend one from the other, MCAT digital flash cards are the way to go. The amount of versatility, customization, and convenience trumps paper MCAT index cards every day.


That ends our article on why you should use flash cards for your MCAT exam prep. These little tools will help you memorize and understand your study material in a fun and engaging way.