Writer Will Palfrey’s new e-book “The Paradise of the Parrot” is an evocative reflection on his personal journey to the obscure Caribbean Commonwealth island of Dominica

Will Palfrey is a retired Air Force logistics officer who won three Medals of Merit, flew as a combat crew at an EC-135 Strategic Air Command Post, served on the USAF Inspector General Staff, and was once able to fly in an F-16B Falcon Jet Fighter. He currently works as a defense logistician for an army program at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama, and has published his new book, Parrot Paradise, a detailed travel journal reminiscent of his experiences on a pristine Caribbean island.

Author, Will Palfrey is a seasoned traveler who lived in Europe for eight years and traveled to 46 countries and 45 states. A few years ago his son Taylor, a graduate of Notre Dame University, attended the Ross U School of Medicine on the Caribbean island of Dominica. When Will heard his son’s stories about life on the island, he decided to see for himself what Dominica was all about. The book is an easy-to-read chronicle of a father’s four-day travels and experiences visiting his son on this picturesque and fascinating island of ecotourism. The book describes his trip to this beautiful island and his sightseeing adventures. Dominica, a very dark and generally unknown island, is not listed on any of the major tourist maps or itineraries and it takes a lot of courage and determination to get there easily. Even upon arrival, the effort that even the most intrepid traveler needs to travel and sightsee is challenging but obviously quite rewarding.

In this short book, Will describes many of his varied sightseeing experiences, from enjoying local cuisine in one of the island’s few large restaurants to tasting and enjoying locally brewed beer. He also describes in detail the adventures of traveling and seeing some of the main attractions in Dominica: the capital, Roseau, the land mass called Scott’s Head that separates the Atlantic from the Caribbean Sea, Cabrits National Park, where the The Old British Fort from the late 1700s to early The 1800s was and was associated with the protection of the slave trade, too many other experiences too numerous to be described here. It also provides some general background information about the island: maps and some appendices describing Dominica’s coat of arms, flag and insights into its history and politics. Will Palfrey’s description of his time there reminds the reader of the days before cell phones and the Internet, when traveling abroad was an adventure with many strangers lurking. In short, a much more leisurely process compared to today’s expectation that queries and questions about technologies like smartphones will be answered instantly. As those who have experienced a visit to the Hawaiian Islands and are familiar with the expression / meaning of “island time”, so is Dominica. In conclusion, you won’t be disappointed at how easy it is to experience life on the Caribbean island of Dominica through the eyes of a father visiting his son, of whom he is extremely proud for good reason.

Will Palfrey’s book, published by Page Publishing, is a must-have for anyone looking to explore a little-known tropical paradise where the Caribbean meets the Atlantic.

Readers who want to experience this exciting work can buy Parrot Paradise in bookstores anywhere or online from the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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